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    1. tara tara:
         "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions -- Albert Einstein"
    2. tara tara:
         "Decline of the Union Address by Obama"
    3. tara tara:
         "Anti-zombie home for sale"
    4. tara tara:
         "Wanted Eric Holder"
    5. tara tara:
         "Obama burning the Constitution"
    6. tara tara:
         "Obamacare Tax: Sticking it to you. Obama Lied Freedom died. Remember we were founded on a tax revolt. "
    7. tara tara:
         ""Reclaim America" by Kimber Chitwood: 1-20-2013 The end of an Error"
    8. tara tara:
         "Nastia Liukin - Bars - 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials Day 2 - Bad fall"
    9. tara tara:
         "Obamacare the individual mandate for dummies. No thanks I do not wish to purchase that pack of gum. OK, tax on that will be $2.35"
    10. tara tara:
         "'Twilight's' Ashley Greene Featured in DKNY Fall 2012 Campaign"

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