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    1. schultz schultz:
         "Jack Daniels Salad when life is hard whiskey"
    2. schultz schultz:
         "Rachael Ray pasta with sausage and kale in roasted garlic sauce recipe"
    3. schultz schultz:
         "robin hood disney tattoo"
    4. schultz schultz:
         "Before you assume try this crazy method called asking"
    5. schultz schultz:
         "creative souvenir photo optical illusions"
    6. schultz schultz:
         "What girls think is enough sign of their interest in me versus what i really need"
    7. schultz schultz:
         "The Hot Tub Row Boat: custom made boat with hot tub and deck"
    8. schultz schultz:
         "Beach Ball Math in Educational Freebies, Kids Crafts"
    9. schultz schultz:
         "World's oldest person celebrates her 116th birthday: 'Eat and sleep and you will live a long time' "
    10. schultz schultz:
         "Changing the toilet paper roll does not cause brain damage funny quote"

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