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  • Rules

    The guidelines below are based on collective input from people using Peg It Board's Peg it Board. These are suggestions to help keep our community positive and to ensure that every pin is useful to other people.

    Be Respectful

    Peg It Board's Peg it Board is a community of people. We know that individual tastes are personal, but please be respectful in your comments and conversations.


    Be Authentic

    Peg It Board's Peg it Board is an expression of who you are. We think being authentic to who you are is more important than getting lots of followers. Being authentic will make Peg It Board's Peg it Board a better place long-term.


    Credit Your Sources

    Pegs are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a peg is not sourced correctly, leave a comment so the original pegger can update the source. Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Image Search or a blog entry.

    Report Objectionable Content

    We do not allow nudity, hateful content, or content that encourages people to hurt themselves.  Policy you can submit the content for review by pushing the ”Report Content“ link.


    Tell Us How to Make us Better

    We're just getting started, so there are going to be bumps here and there. Let us know what's working, what's not. Even though we don't always have time to respond to each and every email, we take your input seriously. You can get in touch with us anytime at