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    1. rose rose:
         "Hiding From The Wife bar phone rates according to the excuse"
    2. rose rose:
         "Winter Is Fun blizzard"
    3. rose rose:
         "Downtown Cam wasp on screen"
    4. rose rose:
         "I Should buy a boat rich cat"
    5. rose rose:
         "No More Tears kitchen goggles"
    6. rose rose:
         "Did you know? birds aren't singing, they're screaming help me. They're afraid of heights"
    7. rose rose:
         "Oh Look I finished painting of the people who want to date you"
    8. rose rose:
         "Meanwhile In Estonia ice bath"
    9. rose rose:
         "Twilight Is Gay shirts"
    10. rose rose:
         "Quit Buggin Me cat. almost level 68"

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