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    1. rita1 rita1:
         "having a whole bunch of girls doesnt make you a man"
    2. rita1 rita1:
         "i dont need a perfect relationship. i just need somene who wont give up on me"
    3. rita1 rita1:
         "10 ways to annoy people"
    4. rita1 rita1:
         "the truth about the quote 'quit while you are ahead'"
    5. rita1 rita1:
         "when no means no isn't clear enough"
    6. rita1 rita1:
         "I know I look like Braveheart. Of course, there is a slight matter of my having eight inches on Mr. Gibson"
    7. rita1 rita1:
         "don't analyze humor"
    8. rita1 rita1:
         "We've got to find a way to win. I'm willing to start cheating"
    9. rita1 rita1:
         "IF I agreed with you we would both be wrong"
    10. rita1 rita1:
         "yes, you're beautiful screw what they say"

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