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    1. ricardo ricardo:
         "Pluto just 4 weeks, 20 million miles away for NASA's New Horizons spacecraft; flyby on July 14"
    2. ricardo ricardo:
         "Real friends don't get offended when you insult them. They smile and call you something even more offensive. ha "
    3. ricardo ricardo:
         "Emma Stone beautiful red hair and red hat in the water"
    4. ricardo ricardo:
         "Cute kids Shared Room/Nursery. Beautiful white yellow colors"
    5. ricardo ricardo:
         "funny Halleys Comet comic. wait for it to come and never does and then you die rofl"
    6. ricardo ricardo:
         "Healthy buffalo chicken wraps. These are awesome"
    7. ricardo ricardo:
         "Funny pizza is out for delivery"
    8. ricardo ricardo:
         "Lioness killed a baboon, now loves the baby baboon"
    9. ricardo ricardo:
         "Nutella and bacon recipe"
    10. ricardo ricardo:
         "peeps in a lineup with a real chick lol"

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