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    1. racentake racentake:
         "World's Longest Snake Medusa, a 25-foot, two-inch Reticulated Python owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, Missouri is the Longest Snake Ever in Captivity."
    2. racentake racentake:
         "Jyoti Amge and Brahim Takioullah Jyoti Amge stands just under 25-inches and holds the title of world's shortest woman. Brahim Takioullah is 8-foot-1 and holds the record for the world's biggest feet"
    3. racentake racentake:
         "World's Largest Biceps The largest male bicep belongs to Mostafa Ismail of Egypt. His left arm measures 25.5 inches when flexed and 24.5 inches when non-flexed. "
    4. racentake racentake:
         "102-Year-Old Takes 180-mph Ride At Indianapolis Speedway With Mario Andretti"
    5. racentake racentake:
         "Woman Wears Painted-On Jeans, Most Seem Not To Notice"
    6. racentake racentake:
         "Rockstar Game Coming in 2015 as Take Two Pulls in Over $2 Billion | TechnoBuffalo"
    7. racentake racentake:
         "Cat saves boy from dog attack | Offbeat | KIMA CBS 29 - News, Weather and Sports - Yakima, WA"
    8. racentake racentake:
         "Target vs Walmart"
    9. racentake racentake:
         "Teen suspended for asking Miss America to prom | Fox News"
    10. racentake racentake:
         "Tito Jackson calmly and coolly defended his brother Jermaine, who told TMZ earlier in the week, "If it wasn't for the Jackson 5, there would be no Michael Jackson." Tito told our photog in Calabasas Friday ... Jermaine was misunderstood, and he explains why. Tito also bristled at Debbie Rowe's comment to us ... the Jackson 4 are all bad influences on Michael's kids."

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