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         "No sure why they shot the gorilla sarcasm"
    2. photos photos:
         "Kimbo Slice -- Dead at 42 "
    3. photos photos:
         "cool camping tent hanging"
    4. photos photos:
         "This Bamboo Building is Entirely Made Out of Bamboo and Ropes"
    5. photos photos:
         "Dalai Lama quote: when you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new"
    6. photos photos:
         "I run but I'm slower than Internet Explorer on a 90's dial up connection but"
    7. photos photos:
         "It's the 90s. No one eats mortals anymore"
    8. photos photos:
         "red and green apples hd wallpaper"
    9. photos photos:
         "These homemade burgers look absolutely delicious"
    10. photos photos:
         "White Mountain Horses Running Galloping"

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