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      About: Fill your days with new kind of adventures with the most viral two wheel electric scooter, yes it is better called balancing scooter. It is fully electric short distance vehicle that can help you reach nearer locations with full of joy. You will surely catch many eyes while you are moving on this scooter as many celebrities have done appearing with it on their social accounts.

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    1. 2wheeledscooter 2wheeledscooter:
         "Two Wheel Electric Balancing Scooter BLACK $339.00 Specifications: Battery:Lithium-ion battery Charging Time: 2-3Hours Voltage:36V Initial Volume:4.1AH Working Temperature:-15~50 degree Charging Temperature:0-40 degree Relative Humidity of Stprage:5%-95% Maximum Speed: About 10km/h Weight:12.5KG Maximum Load: 100 Kg Minimum load:20kg - See more at:"
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