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    1. phil phil:
         "Glasses that add Instagram effects to real life: The ultimate hipster eyewear? "
    2. phil phil:
         "London Olympics 2012: McDonald's force Olympics bosses to ban all restaurants from selling chips unless with FISH "
    3. phil phil:
         "walk in obedience but it's only because He has something better for us"
    4. phil phil:
         "god has the most amazing plan for you"
    5. phil phil:
         "Share if you love jesus and are unashamed to show it"
    6. phil phil:
         "Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner"
    7. phil phil:
         "a thousand times I've failed and still your mercy remains. Thank you Jesus - like share for an amen"
    8. phil phil:
         "Tale of the whale hd wallpaper"
    9. phil phil:
         "The Cause wallpaper"
    10. phil phil:
         "Visual Paradox Free 3D Wallpaper 'Color on Call' 1024x768 "

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