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    In small town Ohio, a heavy dose of Biden <br> ATHENS, Ohio  If you want an example of how Joe Biden can campaign in a way that his running mate cannot, look no further than his opening remarks at a campaign stop here Saturday. The last time still was the hour or so he spent Romney condemns 'disgraceful' Obama response on Mideast violence <br> Mitt Romney added. As our colleagues on 44 wrote tonight, the Obama administration tried to distance itself from the U.S. embassy statement out of Cairo offering apologies for the anti Muslim film that created the unrest in Egypt and Libya. Also in the Paul Ryan exaggerates his marathon running prowess <br> Voters will have to decide how much to ding Republican vice presidential nominee Paul D. Ryan for slamming the 26.2 mile race. Ryan last week told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he had run a marathon Political Perceptions: GOPs Iowa Deficits <br> The Wisconsin congressman stopped by the Iowa State Fair last month to shake a few hands and deliver a short speech. A few hours later Craig Robinson, former political director of the Iowa Republican Party who now edits the Iowa Republican Biden plays to younger crowd in Wisconsin stop <br> Playing to a younger audience, Vice President Joe Biden stressed differences opponent among 18 to 24 year olds by a wide margin, 61 percent to 38 percent. A Romney campaign bus circled the campus where Biden appeared. Afterward, Romney Paul Ryan exaggerates his marathon running prowess <br> Ryan last week told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he had run a marathon Joe Biden Portrayed as Key Deal Broker in New Bob Woodward Book on Obama <br> For Republicans, Joe Biden is perceived either as a ruthless partisan or a hilarious punch line. Syndicated radio talker Mark Levin calls him Plugs because he appears to have had hair transplants. After Biden implied last month to a D.C. plans to say no to Washington Nationals request for extended Metro hours <br> Team representatives made the request during a July 31 meeting with city officials — three weeks before Mondays game, after which dozens of fans were stranded at Nationals Park after the last trains stopped running hours before the end of the 13 inning contest. Judge says Schwarzenegger didn't break Calif. law <br> Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't break any laws when he cut the manslaughter sentence for the son of a political ally just hours before leaving office last year. Judge Lloyd Connelly called Schwarzenegger's decision to cut the sentence of Esteban Nunez from 16 Intrade Puts Obama Re Election Odds at 56.8% After Speech <br> The odds that President Barack Obama will be re elected The highest odds for Obama this year were 61.4 percent on March 12 and again on April 16. In his speech last night accepting the nomination, Romney reached out to disaffected Obama

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