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    Telescope Carrying Case for RefractorsCelestron C6 R, C6 RGT, CR 150; Meade 127ED, LXD55 AR 5 / AR 6, LXD75 AR 5 / AR 6; Synta Sky Watcher 15012EQ5Now thats strong!  Check out the JMI case being put to the ultimate test.The case includes two lockable latches, three steel reinforced handles, a 3 by 48 steel hinge and die cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, finder scope, eyepieces and accessories.  For the Celestron scopes the diagonal must be detached and inserted in a specially designed space in the case.  The Meade diagonal may be left on.Outside dimensions of the case are approximately 54 1/4 x 15 x 12 and its empty weight is approximately 25.6 lbs.  The shipping box is approximately 15 7/8 x 12 3/4 x 55 1/2 and the shipping weight is approximately 30.8 lbs.  All values are subject to slight changes. The remarkably fast 200mm (8) f/4 parabolic primary mirror of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian reflector gives extremely sharp images with no chromatic aberration. The use of state of the art coating technology yields the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects.     The telescope's large aperture and compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae star clusters and comets. The use of the optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma free image from edge to edge and the rack and pinion focusing mount with an adapter accepts 2 eyepieces.     The R200SSDG comes standard with the 7x50 finder 232mm tube rings dovetail tube plate and new focus design with more distance f or photographic equipment as well as being compatible with the new Sphinx SXD mount.     Vixen's Sphinx SXD Mount is designed with improved rigidity and precision movements. The SXD features solid steel motors thrust bearings and smooth RA and DEC motors. With a maximum load weight of 50 lbs the SXD mount will hold the R200 with ease.  Package includes NLV25mm Eyepieces Tube Rings Dove tail and 7x50 Finder     The Vixen STARBOOK Controller   A hand held personal planetarium     Vixen is known for its amazing quality and high end performance.  But what Vixen has done with their hand controller simply makes everyone look inadequate.  If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the STARBOOK controller in action get ready for something pretty exciting.  There is simply nothing else like it.     Vixen SX Sphinx Vixen SXD Sphinx and Vixen ATLUX mounts include the powerful STARBOOK hand controller.  At first glance you would think its a video game device.  STARBOOK is an actual map of the night sky on a LCD screen.  The Vixen STARBOOK controller features a large 4.7 Color LCD display and is the command center of the Vixen mount.  It features simple navigation buttons on each side of the body and are simple to navigate in the Designed to be an affordable entry level to mid level computerized GoTo telescope the NexStar SLT refractors reflectors and Maks are available in the most popular sizes and are loaded with valuable design features. With preassembled adjustable stainless steel tripods and quick release fork arms and tubes NexStar SLT telescopes can be set up in a matter of minutes  with no tools required! You can see details of the lunar surface Venus and its phases polar caps on Mars Jupiter and its four moons Saturn with its rings plainly visible and much more! Most NexStar SLTs can also be used as a land based spotting telescope.  Intelligent Design  The internal battery compartment provides power to the high precision servo motors for rigid low vibration performance while eliminating cord wrap issues associated with external battery packs.     With the NexStars ergonomically designed hand control the user is free to remove the hand control from its holder for remote use or leave it cradled for hands free operation. With a touch of a button you can select the object catalog change the slew speed view fascinating information about an object or simply know if a desired object is visible in the sky.     Features       Proven NexStar computer control technology  High quality 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain  Database allows telescope to locate over 4000 celestial objects  Fully computerized Altazimuth mount  SkyAlign allows you to align on any three bright celestial objects making for a fast and easy alignment process  Quick release fork arm mount optical tube and accessory tray for quick no tool set up  Flash upgradeable hand control software and motor control units for downloading product updates over the Internet  Sturdy stainless steel tripod and accessory tray included  Internal battery compartment to prevent cord wrap during use  Includes CD ROM The Sky Astronomy Software which provides education about the sky and printable sky maps The Celestron Omni XLT 102 Refractor Telescope features an innovative design and high quality optics which combine to make it an excellent tool for astronomy and astrophotography. Its refractor telescope design makes it sturdy easy to use and easy to clean and care for. Additionally this model features simple no tool assembly.Only the finest grade of glass is used in the Celestron Omni XLT's hand selected and hand figured mirrors and lenses. StarBright XLT multi coatings and a generous 120mm objective lens allow for optimum light transmission. The 25mm eyepiece features 20mm eye relief making it comfortable even for those who wear glasses.Additionally this telescope features a CG 4 German Equatorial Mount with setting circles and slow motion controls to aid in accurately locating and tracking sky objects. Ball bearings in both axes of the mount allow for better control and smooth performance.Model includes a heavy duty pre assembled stainless steel tripod with 1.75 inch legs an accessory tray a bubble level and Our SmartStar G MC90 telescope system is the ideal choice for deep space viewing and astrophotography. This 90mm diameter Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope dramatically reduces the chromatic aberration that plagues its Refractor counterparts and has a focal length of 1200mm. This light weight ultra compact scope offers a great combination of power and transportability and brings stargazing to a whole other level.Alt Azimuth Mount The CubeThe SmartStar G MC90 comes with our patented Alt Azimuth telescope mount a.k.a. The Cube. This compact mount design is probably the most functional and flexible unit on the market. Both axis motors are built into a small single unit which is universally compatible with all telescopes using a dove tail connection. In addition there are no dead spots  so you can point your telescope to ANYWHERE above the horizon whereas other mounts block the telescope tube at certain points of rotation. This mount also comes standard with AC connection. An optional DC adaptor is available so you can plug your telescope motor into your car if youre camping or at any remote locationThe most easy to understand controller on the marketThe GoToNovaTM Controller is much easier to use than other similar products. The hand controller is more intuitive with menu categories better organized. It also has the largest LCD screen on the market with 8 lines of content compared with others that only have 2 lines. Using the easy to use hand controller you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to go.More precise speed control for viewing objectsThe control system also allows you to slew the telescope at 9 different drive speeds keeping the object within the telescopes viewfinder for as long as you wish.USB PortThe 8402 hand controller comes with a USB port that tremendously expands the functionalities of the already powerful system. With the USB2COM driver installed the USB port wor The A80Mf is an Achromatic Refractor with 80 mm (3.2) of aperture. Its focal length is 910 mm (3 ft.) with an f ratio of 11.4. Its light gathering is 130 times better than the human eye and has a maximum (realistic) power of 144x. It weighs about 5.5 lbs.  The A80Mf OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) comes complete with:       Vixen A80Mf 80 mm f/11.4 optical tube  A 6 x 30 power finder telescope attaches to the main scope to help you center the object.  A 20 mm eyepiece for general viewing.  A 6.3 mm eyepiece for those really clear nights for high power viewing.  A diagonal prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope.  A dew/sun shield.  A complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A80Mf to one of the optional Vixen mounts. Very often when viewing the moon its light is so intense in the telescope you need a filter to bring down the amount of light entering your eye.  Think of it like a pair of sunglasses for your telescope.  You will see more detail on crators more surface detail and a much more comfortable eye at the eyepiece.Celestrons 1.25 inch moon filter is an economical eyepiece filter for reducing the brightness of the moon and improving contrast. This allows surface detail to be observed more readily. The clear aperture is 21mm for this 1.25 inch filter. Light transmission is about 18 percent. If you know the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser   then you dont need to read any explanation about it.  You already know.  In case you don't let us fill you in    Starlight Inistruments makes the worlds finest telescope focusers.  Some of the world's most elite telescope manufacturers would not use anything but the best and choose the Feather Touch Focuser for their stock focusers.  Many serious astrophotography enthusiasts that use telescopes without a Feather Touch Focuser will immediately change their focuser to a Feather Touch.     For achieving perfect focus you need a focuser that is smooth as can be.  With ultra fine detail adjustment.  Only the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focusers can offer such perfection.     Simple to install yourself and can be completed in 10 minutes.  Detailed Instruction included. The CGEM 1100 HD combines Celestron's newly designed CGEM Computerized Equatorial mount with its new EdgeHD optical system. With an optical tube assembly weighing only 28 lbs. this telescope is still portable enough to be taken to dark skies and has 89% more light gathering power than an 8 telescope and 40% more than the 9.25.  For astrophotography the German Equatorial mount offers easier balancing unlimited space at the rear of the telescope tube to mount a camera and whole sky access. Now you can enjoy all of the NexStar software and database features with the extra stability and portability of a German Equatorial mount.     New Optical Design     The EdgeHD optical system combines all the compact power popularized by the SCT and combines it with an improved high definition optical system for wide field astrograph quality images. As a visual instrument  EdgeHD optics delivers pinpoint images even with your widest field eyepiece.  You can search for all of the Messier Catalog objects and see hundreds of other equally interesting NGC IC and Caldwell objects with amazing clarity. For astroimaging the EdgeHD optics produce aberration free images across your favorite CCD or DSLR camera. All EdgeHD optics are designed to produce an extremely flat focal plane precise enough to match the strict tolerances of the largest commercial ccd detectors allowing all stars to be in tight focus to the very edge of the chip.     Diffraction Limited     Some companies boast that their telescopes give diffraction limited stars in the very center of the field of view.  EdgeHD optics not only produce diffraction limited stars on axis but maintain diffraction limited stars across the entire field of view of many of the most popular astrophotography cameras. Even at the very edge of a DX format camera chip the EdgeHD 11 delivers star sizes of less than 2 arc seconds.     Along with the newly designed optics the  EdgeHD also has re designed mechanics guaranteed to help you get the maximum Guard it!If you own a CGE NexStar 8i or NexStar 8 SE telescope you'll want to make sure you protect your investment. This premium case will help do it.Unbreakable watertight dustproof chemical resistant and corrosion proof this premium case offers total protection for your equipment. It is made of ultra high impact structural copolymer that's extremely strong and durable. The case's exclusive 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) neoprene O ring and ABS latches seal perfectly. There's even an automatic purge valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. The case is lined with die cut high density foam for custom fitting.* It features large handles and is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Inside dimensions are 29 x 17 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches. Weight is 27.5 pounds. Made in the USA. *For storing the CGE mount and pier you must use the case with the foam found in the original CGE mount packaging.

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    The Muppets Interview   Oscar Hosting Campaign Aishwarya Rai Bachan Hugrun Ragnarsson Photo Shoot Wallpapers (4)   Aishwarya Rai 84th Academy Awards   02/26/2012 Part 1 300 Multiple Choices 2013 Ford Focus ST pricing available | Automotor Blog Riz Khan   The Gaza debacle   Jan 26   Part 1 The Celestron CGEM DX 1400 HD combines Celestron's newly designed CGEM DX Computerized Equatorial mount with its new EdgeHD optical system.  With more than 60% more light gathering power than the 11 telescope the CGEM DX 1400 is Celestrons largest optical system in its class.  Featuring our premium StarBright XLT coatings and 14 of aperture this telescope gives you the brightest clearest views whether observing planetary or deep sky objects.     Celestron CGEM DX Equatorial Mount      The Celestron CGEM DX mount is the newest member of our fully computerized Equatorial mount series capable of carrying Celestrons high end 11 and 14 optical tubes. The CGE PRO style 2.75 leg tripod holds even our 14 optics securely and vibration free which is ideal for both imaging and visual observing. Capable of holding 50 lbs of payload and slewing at 5 per second you will be able to instantly point to any of the celestial objects in the database.     German Equatorial mounts are recognized for their rock solid stability simple balancing and easy accessibility for attaching accessories. With sophisticated software features like the Hibernate function the CGEM DX can maintain its star alignment night after night without needing to be re aligned making it an excellent choice for a permanent observatory facility.     Ergonomic Design   CGEM DX was designed to be ergonomically friendly with large Altitude and Azimuth adjustment knobs for quick and easy polar alignment adjustment. The internal RA and DEC motor wiring provides a clean look and an easy and trouble free set up. Innovation   The CGEM DX series has a new innovative Polar alignment procedure called All Star. All Star allows users to choose any bright star while the software calculates and assists with polar alignment. Another great feature of the CGEM DX sure to please astroimagers is the Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC) which will allow users to train out the worm gears periodic errors while 300 Multiple Choices iCarly helps Charlie Apple iPhone 1G Soft Polycarbonate Slim fit Case  Black Learn Malayalam   Save Malayalam by learning the language 14 Financial Aid Tips | Wealth Planning content from WealthManagement


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