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    Bushnell Voyager Telescopes  Bring the wonders of the night sky straight to your backyard. The ultimate first telescope Bushnell's Voyager Sky Tour series gives amateur stargazers a pro grade audio tour of the night sky. Its Illuminated Smart Mount points the way as the talking handset describes constellations and planets and keeps you engaged with entertaining facts and mythology tidbits. Keeping pace is easy with the LED red dot finderscope. Youre an instant expert with the Sky Tour series.     Large reflector telescopes that guide you across the night sky with real time audio and our Illuminated Smart Mounts.  Barlow lens included.     General Features       Electronic Sky Tour handset gives you a real time audio tour of the night sky  Discover constellations mythology amazing facts and planets  Illuminated Smart Mount guides you to the objects highlighted by the Handset  LED electronic red dot finderscope for fast positioning  3 Large 1.25 diameter eyepieces  Sturdy preassembled construction  The ultimate first telescope       Bushnell Sky Tour Talking Headsets   The talking handsets included with our Sky Tour series telescopes are the ultimate way to learn the lay of the universe. While the voice highlights your choice of constellations planets mythology or amazing facts the telescopes Illuminated Smart Mount lights up to get you dialed in on the celestial object. The buttons are illuminated for easy nighttime use. Its the ultimate way to keep first time telescope users and amateur astronomy enthusiasts engaged entertained and learning. Motor Drive for Celestron AstroMaster or PowerSeeker EQ series telescopes.  Allow for automatic tracking of objects on your AstroMaster EQ Mount.  No more turning knobs let the motor drive track objects for you! Without a motor drive the AstroMaster telescope tracks objects in the sky manually.  For example if you had Saturn or Jupiter in your eyepiece the object would only stay in your field of view at high magnifications for a few seconds.  To track objects manually you need to turn the knobs on the EQ mount to keep the object in your view.  Each time you turn the knob the image shake makes viewing the object impossible making you wait for the telescope to stabilize again.A motor drive eliminates the need for manually tracking objects.  Once your object is located simply turn on the motor drive and adjust the speed to match the objects tracking speed.  The motor drive runs for up to 40 hours on one included 9 volt battery. Telescope Carrying Case for RefractorsCelestron C6 R, C6 RGT, CR 150; Meade 127ED, LXD55 AR 5 / AR 6, LXD75 AR 5 / AR 6; Synta Sky Watcher 15012EQ5Now thats strong!  Check out the JMI case being put to the ultimate test.The case includes two lockable latches, three steel reinforced handles, a 3 by 48 steel hinge and die cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, finder scope, eyepieces and accessories.  For the Celestron scopes the diagonal must be detached and inserted in a specially designed space in the case.  The Meade diagonal may be left on.Outside dimensions of the case are approximately 54 1/4 x 15 x 12 and its empty weight is approximately 25.6 lbs.  The shipping box is approximately 15 7/8 x 12 3/4 x 55 1/2 and the shipping weight is approximately 30.8 lbs.  All values are subject to slight changes. A bestselling item by Zhumell the Eclipse 114 Reflector Telescope with motor drive offers ample power for deep sky viewing. It's also very easy to use making it a perfect choice for the beginning astronomer yet advanced enough for the more technically adept. With its 114mm aperture this telescope gathers sufficient light for stunning lunar observation detailed stargazing and exciting planetary views.     Equipped with motor drive this telescope automatically compensates for the rotation of the earth. That means once you locate your desired object no further adjustments are required. The celestial object will remain in the eyepiece's field of view without any of the vibrations associated with manual adjustments to disrupt your observation.     With its user friendly equatorial mount multi coated optics for clear images tripod and clock motor drive all at an unbeatable price a beginning user truly can't go wrong with this telescope. There's even a full 3 year warranty from Zhumell to provide peace of mind.     Key features include:       114mm objective lens  Motor drive  Adjustable full size tripod  Accessory tray  Equatorial mount with slow motion controls  1.25 inch focuser  2 eyepieces   9mm (112x) and 20mm (50x) The Celestron CGEM DX telescope mount is the newest member of Celestron's fully computerized Equatorial mount series capable of carrying Celestrons high end 11 and 14 optical tubes.  The CGE PRO style 2.75 leg tripod holds even the 14 optics securely while dampening vibration which is ideal for both imaging and visual observing.  Capable of holding 50 lbs of payload and slewing at 5 per second you will be able to instantly point to any of the celestial objects in the database.     Ergonomic Design   CGEM DX was designed to be ergonomically friendly with large Altitude and Azimuth adjustment knobs for quick and easy polar alignment adjustment.  The internal RA and DEC motor wiring provides a clean look and an easy and trouble free set up.     Innovation   The CGEM DX series has a new innovative Polar alignment procedure called All Star.  All Star allows users to choose any bright star while the software calculates and assists with polar alignment.  Another great feature of the CGEM DX sure to please astroimagers is the Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC) which will allow users to train out the worm gears periodic errors while the mount retains the PEC recordings.     Performance   For objects near the Meridian (imaginary line passing from North to South) the CGEM DX will track well past the Meridian for uninterrupted imaging through the most ideal part of the sky.  The CGEM DX mount has a robust database with over 40000 objects 100 user defined programmable objects and enhanced information on over 200 objects.     Power Management   Redesigned electronics deliver constant regulated power to the motors making them capable of driving the telescope even when not perfectly balanced.  This allows the CGEM DX to have the payload capacity of that of much larger mounts without sacrificing smooth tracking motion and pointing accuracy across the entire sky.     FEATURES       Holds a maximum instrument capacity of 50 lbs  CGEM DX Computerized Equatoria Sliding metal dew shield  Screw on metal lens cover  Tube ring mount with mounting threads  2 Everbrite (99% 1/10 wave) mirror diagonal with brass clamp ring  Focusmate dual speed focuser 10:1  1 eyepiece adapter with with brass clamp ring  20mm Plssl eyepiece  Soft carry case     The Tele Vue 85's mix of aperture and small physical size makes it a wonderful go anywhere do anything crossover instrumentwith Tele Vue quality of course. With APO performance and airline portability the Tele Vue 85 has been delighting astronomy and birding enthusiasts and reviewers alike. Eye popping performance that raises the standard of excellence for highly portable instruments. Evaluation of double stars lunar detail deep sky and photography were reported in Sky and Telescope as: Truly awesome! Incredible!the view almost blew me off my chair!The conclusion an extremely powerful compact instrument capable of delivering stunning images of the universe.     The Better View Desired website reviewer summed up the Tele Vue experience when he said he would choose the Tele Vue 85 to really enjoy the incredible beauty of the living birdsAnd even now every time I look at a bird through one of the exceptional conventional spotting scopes I'll be thinking: 'I wonder what this would look like through the Tele Vue 85? I wonder what this bird really looks like?' Yes pure enjoyment of nature's beauty without awareness of a thing in between. The JMI Event Horizon EV 1 is a 2 Designed for the first time buyer   offering exceptional value the AstroMaster series features a compact and portable design with ample optical performance to excite any newcomer to the world of amateur astronomy.Which AstroMaster Telescope model best fits your needs?If you're looking for a dual purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing then the AstroMaster Series is for you. Each AstroMaster model is capable of giving correct views of land and sky. The AstroMaster Series produce bright clear images of the Moon and planets. It is easy to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with every one of these fine instruments. For views of the brighter deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae we recommend the larger aperture and light gathering ability of the Newtonian reflectors. This telescope has an aperture of 90mm.The AstroMaster 90 EQ features a German Equatorial mount that will help you view stars nebulae star clusters and planets. A built in setting circle aids in locating these objects.When used for astronomical viewing AstroMasters yield breathtaking views of the Moon Saturn with its ring structure Jupiter and its belts and moons nebulae and star clusters.Every instrument features all glass optical elements as well as smooth operating steel tripod mountings featuring manual motion controls. All models feature coated optics for enhanced image brightness and clarity. General Features:Quick and easy no tool setupErect image optics   Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical useQuick release dovetail attachment   no tool setupGerman Equatorial mount with Setting circles   to accurately locate and track sky objectsRugged pre assembled tripod with 1.25 This is the deluxe version of our venerable 80ED telescope. It features a two section cnc aluminum tube that is binoviewer ready. The sharpest doublet optics combined with the most accurate dual speed Feather Touch focuser and our precision cnc clamshell make this the best 80ED telescope on the market. This is the premium version of the venerable Stellarvue 80ED Refractor telescope. We  took out all of the stops to make this the best of the series. This model has  four unique features:  Feather Touch 2 ADM Accessories LOS VIX     Converts the popular Vixen style dovetail saddle to the Losmandy style saddle.  Simply attach the saddle adapter to your moun using the mount locking screw.  The saddle is 7 long and has two locking screws.  The saddle is spring loaded making installation and removal of the telescope easier.  Everything is black anodized and stainless steel for ultra good looks and maximum durability.  Mini dovetail included.  Works with all mounts that utilize the Vixen style dovetail.

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    President Obama on the Payroll Tax Cut Extension Bicep Workouts  Chris Patricku0027s Fittplan Get Fit Faster! iPhone 4 BANNED Commercial Rich Hall about Bill Gates  Covers | Facebook Covers, FB Cover, Facebook Timeline Profile Covers PIONEER ADAPTER CABLE CD IB100II INTERFACE FOR IPOD MP3 | eBay Home/Travel Charger for Apple iPod Nano   Safely charge any iPod with Dock connectior through any 110V wall socket. All chargers are equipped with charging circuitry to protect from overcharging.Or Hottest South Indian Aunty Actress aishwarya rai bachan Photos Stills   Aishwarya Rai Great Quote  Corvallis Wedding and Lifestyle Portrait Photographer Dan Ariely on our buggy moral code Baader's new Steeltrack Premium Focusers incorporate a number of innovative features that further enhance the smoothness and robustness of the Crayford focuser. Steetrack focusers are available to fit practically every telescope from Refractors to Newtonians and SCTs.     The precision ball bearings ride on hardened and polished stainless steel ways that are inset into the thick walled aluminum drawtube. The large diameter pinion drive also rides on a precision laser cut hardened and polished steel way. This important feature delivers an ultra smooth motion that is superior to to the rougher motions of an aluminum bearing system and guarantees that the buttery smooth motions will remain that way over the life of the focuser. Crayford focusers that rely on machined and anodized aluminum bearing ways can become worn and pitted with use which results in loss of smoothness and accuracy.  The extra large focusing knobs and Precision 1:10 reduction gearing permits ultra fine motion control without backlash.  Precision Pinion Drive and Bearing Assembly delivers an exceedingly smooth slipless motion and avoids the drawtube flexure present in other crayford focusers.  Each Steeltrack incorporates a drawtube locking screw that supports even extremely heavy cameras and eyepieces without flexure or slippage. The knurled lock screw incorporates a swivelling anti marring brass insert that allows firm clamping of the drawtube without marring or damage to the focusing mechanism.  Internal drawtube surfaces are knife edge baffled to eliminate stray light reflections.  Bronze compression rings permit secure clamping of eyepieces and accessories without marring.  Baader Precision and Quality. All parts are precisely machined and their high surface quality make the Baader Steeltrack an attractive complement to any telescope.  Graduated markings on the drawtube aid in measuring and repeating focus positions.  A complete set of adapters and extensions permit adaptation onto practically a  Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance   How To Identify Symptoms Of Hormone


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