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    Quote on breakup ecard: I just farted that is the
closet to me giving a shit
you'r going to get! Quote on breakup ecard: A good man breaks your
headboard, not your
heart Breakup ecard: 
I'm just calling to make sure
you still didn't want
me to ever call you
again. Quote on breakup ecard: My ex girlfriend had a
really weird fetish. She
used to dress up like
herself and act like a
fuckin' bitch all the time. Quote on breakup ecard: It's better to have love
and lost than to live
with a psycho for the
rest of your life Quote on breakup ecard: Breakups are hard.  But, losing
someone who doesn't
appreciate you is actually
a gain, not a loss. Quote on breakup ecard: The person who broke
you can't be the
person who can
fix you. Quote on breakup ecard: Whats the difference between
a divorce and a
circumcision?  A
divorce you get rid of
the entire dick!
Breakup ecard: Saying 'we can still be friends' is like
your mom telling you your dog has
died, saying 'you can still
keep it'. Quote on breakup ecard: CRY BABIES AND

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so hard, I think I saw
my brain photos are copyright Dave Bundy of David Bundy Photoworks The Gifted Man I like cuddling Evolve Desktop Aquarium 2 Gallon Quote on friendship ecard: Don't be upset when someone rejects
People usually
reject expensive
things because
they can't
afford them. I never knew what an
engineer did for a
living when I was a
kid. I still don’t. Eames Grey Adjustable Mesh Office Arm Chair   Adjustable Height   5 Casters   Mesh Backing Obama's convention speech being moved indoors <br> Their worst case scenario was a last minute cancellation that would strand time the president was scheduled to speak in the 10 p.m. hour. But there was still no guarantee of good weather for Obama's speech. cloche diy


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