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    Quote on default ecard: A girl can't live on coffee
and wine alone.  Once in
a while, we also need a
spanking Quote on default ecard: Your body's scores a
perfect 10, but your face
scores me a triple
raspberry Stoli on the Rocks. Quote on default ecard: Thanks for drinks last
night, sorry there wasn't
a mere Quote on default ecard: I use to want a cure for
my child's autism. Now I
just want a daily caffeine
IV to help increase my

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard:  Not done your Christmas Shopping

Pop over to Little Jems
Handmade Jewellery and
Gifts Market
Stars Nov 15th Quote on default ecard: Don't bug me if you
don't have a good
reason to.
Quote on default ecard: 
May you have a
great birthday
celebration !  I'll be
waiting for your
Quote on default ecard: 
Aucun appel ? Je
comprends. Aucun
message ? Je comprends.
Alors quand tu me vois
avec quelqu'un d'autre,
tu peux comprendre. Quote on default ecard: Shouldn't bitch slapping
stupid people 
be considered
a public 

Quote on default ecard: I cant decide if I look more
like Joe Verbrugge or
Jason Wang!

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If she thinks 69 is just a
number, she's too young for
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