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    Quote on default ecard: Your life will flash
before your eyes.

Make sure it was
worth it! Quote on default ecard: I once stayed in a 
motel that was so 
seedy, the Bible 
in the drawer 
only had seven 
commandments. Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element of
life, because without
water, you can't make
coffee Quote on default ecard: My goal is to become the
person my dog already
thinks I am. Quote on default ecard: Ebola just arrived in 
the US and people are 
already wearing masks.

AIDS has been 
here for 55 years 
and fools still don't 
use a condom. Quote on default ecard: No I heard you the first
time.  It just takes me a
minute to process so
much stupid at one time Quote on default ecard: People should seriously stop expecting
normal from me.  We all
know it's never gonna
happen Quote on default ecard: I wish weight were like virginity! Once
you lost it, you could never
get it back. Quote on default ecard:  Happy New Year! Here's hoping you
fall asleep before
this year. 

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: You bitches that judge us
men by the way we look!!!

Now then, remove the
make up,fake tan,fake hair,
fake eyelashes, fat pants,
high heels, false nails, fake
tits and let us judge you!!

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    I'd be mad too.if someone else were playing with my toys meme Quote on default ecard: I think I can learn a lot from you,
Sir. I don't want to grow up so
big that whatever supports
me disappears. Tony mad at Janice broke his phone   The Sopranos HD Plum 8ft Round Space Zone Trampoline and 3G Enclosure De Soto Triathlon Clothing Ralph Lauren Wesley Heather Knitted Polo Shirt Sympathy Plants Pencil Perfect Camera Sharpeners . Fossil Mens Retro Traveler Chronograph Stainless Watch   Black Bracelet   Black Dial   CH2915 Sensational 70th Birthday Party Ideas Booting Up Coffee Mug Funeral Service Flowers & Gifts


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