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    Relationships ecard: A man has 2 options in a relationship:
Either stand up and be
the man she needs
OR sit down so that
she can see the man
behind you. Quote on relationships ecard: It's a man's job to
respect a woman.

But, it's a woman's
job to give him
something to respect. Quote on relationships ecard: A real woman can do it all by herself.

A real man won't let her Quote on relationships ecard: No reason to stay is a good reason to
go Relationships ecard: I'm too sexy for my ex Quote on relationships ecard: Love is like a fart:

If you have to force it, it's
probably shit! 
I'm not anti social

I'm anti phony
bitches. Quote on relationships ecard: My life is not perfect, but every
moment by your side is! Relationships ecard: Sometimes you just have to
erase the messages, delete the
numbers and move on.  You
don't have to forget what
that person was to you;
only accept that they
aren't that person
anymore Quote on relationships ecard: (Her) How long before I
am able to have a normal
sex life again doctor? 

(Dr.) No one has
ever asked me that
after having their
tonsils out.

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