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    Quote on default ecard: Maybe instead of kissing
your ass, you should kiss
mine. After all, I'm the
one who's Irish. Quote on default ecard: Today we spread
autism awareness at
a birthday party.
Sorry but there
wasn't enough
entertainment. And
by sorry I mean.
you're welcome. Quote on default ecard: I have watched CSI, NCIS,
Law and Order &
Criminal Minds.  I could
kill you 50 different
ways and still make it
look like an accident Quote on default ecard: When hipsters 
replaced hippies, we lost 
free love and drugs

.and got skinny jeans.

Worst. Trade. Ever. Quote on default ecard: I explained ‘gluten allergy’
to my grandma 
and she sighed 
and told me they
ate leather belts 
during WWII to
keep from starving. Quote on default ecard: You're not truly a parent until you've
blindly swatted into the backseat
of your car, hoping to
connect with a kid. Quote on default ecard: Two golden rules of life: 
1. The woman is always right.            
2. If you feel she is wrong, slap
yourself and read
rule number 1
again. Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element in
life. Because, without water,
you can't make coffee. Quote on default ecard: 
I don't have a short temper!

I just have a quick reaction to
bullshit Quote on default ecard: Some people really do
parade their children
around like show ponies.
My ASD child is a wild
mustang that wouldn't
tolerate that shit. 

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