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    Paul Ryan Ribbed Online For Marathon Boast <br> The race was more than 20 years ago, but my brother Tobinwho ran Boston last yearreminds me that Just clock a 2 hour and 49 minute time, convert it to Paul Ryan time and you can beat out Kenyan runner Geoffrey Mutais 2 hour Obama, Democrats eager to seize the spotlight <br> FORT BLISS, Texas    His convention turn coming fast, President Barack Obama on Friday began sprinting toward his one of his last, best shots to win over The political buzz followed Romney, hours after a convention speech in which he introduced himself Lougheed was a political giant <br> Arriving at tribute dinner in his honour in Calgary last June, Peter Lougheed had that old steely look Lougheed instead spoke for half an hour, from hand written notes. He had two main messages: We were Canadians first. And that his caucus Tide shifts to Obama in most competitive states <br> Associated Press/Carolyn Kaster   President Barack Obama speaks at of the administration in the early hours of Muslim attacks on U.S. officials and buildings in the Middle East. Some strategists say Obama was wise to campaign aggressively Live streaming shows more political coverage than TV <br> CHARLOTTE (USA TODAY)  If you really want to follow the political conventions of a marathon Ron Paul rally last week in Tampa started at noon, for instance, while C SPAN's TV coverage didn't start until three hours later. Jack Lew, Obama Chief Of Staff, The Silent Force In The White House <br> WASHINGTON    Last summer's debt ceiling negotiations demonstrated how political inhibition can often arise even in the face of economic catastrophe. But it also helped define the players with the most clout within both President Barack Obama's Fact Check: Paul Ryan Exaggerates Marathon Claim <br> Our original post: Last week, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan claimed he'd accomplished an athletic feat: He had run a marathon in under three hours. The claim came during an interview on radio host Hugh Hewitt's program. In personal terms, Biden casts election as stark choice <br> Last the hour covered by the major TV networks. Romney's campaign responded to Biden's criticism by saying that the Obama administration has failed to live up to its promise to aid working class families. Paul Ryans Most Egregious Lie: He Never Ran a Marathon in Under Three Hours <br> Paul Ryan has never run a marathon in under three hours. Last week, Ryan claimed his personal best was Political Perceptions: GOPs Iowa Deficits <br> The Wisconsin congressman stopped by the Iowa State Fair last month to shake a few hands and deliver a short speech. A few hours later Obama Takes 9 Point Lead in Michigan Political Perceptions: GOP's Iowa Deficits Obama Campaign Releases

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