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    Quote on default ecard: I shoot people.
Frame them,
And hang them,
But they always
come back smiling
for more. Quote on default ecard: My fear is that the perimenopause
doesn't exist and this is
actually my real
personality. Quote on default ecard: (Me) I bet other husbands 
don't get put in timeout!

(Wife) I bet they 
don't put their
mother in law's
phone number on 
a Craigslist ad either! Quote on default ecard: All I see is dollar signs
All I see All I see is
dollar bills Quote on default ecard: Thank goodness for digital
photography.   I can now
preview the 500 pics
I snapped without
paying a fortune for
the ONE that is
not a blurry mess.
Quote on default ecard: I'm not getting old. 

I'm getting better! Quote on default ecard: Autism parents.we'll
sleep when we are
dead. Until then we
will drink more
caffeine than what is
considered healthy. Quote on default ecard: Dr. says 8 glasses of water a day will
help you look younger, I say 8 glasses
of beer will help you not care
what you look like Quote on default ecard: Another Quote on default ecard: Some ASD children like
to keep their collection
of items in an isolated
area. I like to form
barricades with mine in
high traffic areas. 


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