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I don't know about you,
but I've thought about
running away more as
an adult than I did as a
child. Quote on default ecard: Big butt?

Mine might be big
but there's no song about
your flat one!!

Squat!! Quote on default ecard: Thanks for drinks last
night! Quote on default ecard: It really annoys me when
people use Facebook to
carry out emotional
blackmail. Quote on default ecard: Blog hopping to find crafts for your
kids is fun. Until you realize
that there are five
year olds who are 
better at crafting
than you are.

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: Deadbeat mom's be like:

Quote on default ecard: We helped spread autism awareness 
at a baseball game. 

Quote on default ecard: The workplace would be so much
more tolerable if it came with a full
bar. Quote on default ecard: The joys of
motherhood are never
fully experienced until
the kids are in bed. Quote on default ecard: Beth at Autism Art Project is busy
creating art to hang in
galleries. And I'm over
here all,

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