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    Quote on default ecard: Just when you think it's safsafeto come
out, Birdie Ann throws
a spider on you and
laughs, but you gotta
love that crazy
chick. Quote on default ecard: You inspire my inner
serial killer Quote on default ecard: I'll  have a 
Hard Ramming, 
heavily seasoned
Smothered Dick. 

I'm in the mood
for that. Quote on default ecard: I'm sorry your
unappreciative husband
is not enjoying your
glorious pregnancy
boobs. Quote on default ecard: To save time, let's assume that I'm
always right Quote on default ecard: This thought makes me stronger 
that my dad is my support 
and he is always there for me. 
Love you daddy!!! Quote on default ecard: When I die, I want free
Wifi on my grave so
people come to visit
more often. Quote on default ecard: Serif Dejan: Bjeeeeezi

Camac je odvezan

Ja cu ih zadrzat. Quote on default ecard: I'm sorry I wasn't there for you like
you weren't there for me. Quote on default ecard: Cheers MO FO

Its Friday Bitch!

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    BRUNO MARS SPENT MORE TIME ON THE FIELD THAN PEYTON MANNING meme Metolius Climbing Holds   Mini Jugs (5 Pack)   Holds & Training Boards Quote on office ecard: I don't have a problem with
you being my boss.  It's
just that you're a dumb ass
that gets paid twice as
much that really pisses
me off. Lunar pioneers and VIPs honor astronaut Neil Armstrong <br> Astronauts remember Armstrong Hours before the service that came with being that with more dignity than Neil Armstrong, Ranch Hand E Cigarette Starter Kit by Bull Smoke EVERYTHING TASTES BAD BUT I STILL CANT STOP EATING meme Ryans lie a thon has marathon implications <br> When Paul Ryan said last week he had run a sub three hour marathon, Americas running community had to be impressed. Thats sub seven minute miles for 26.2 miles, a tough task for most runners  including young ones, which is what Ryan was when he TOKYOBay Mens Jet  Analog Stainless Watch   Black Mesh Bracelet   Yellow Dial   T2030 MU Ingersoll Mens Stainless steel case and leather strap Black Dial Black Watch   IN3224BK Madden 12 Franchise: Carolina Panthers [S:1] Week 2 vs Green Bay Packers Quote on love ecard: Why was Cupid was
chosen for Valentine's
Day? When I think of
romance, the last thing
on my mind is a
half naked, chubby,
toddler coming at me
with a weapon How to Make Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies


    Uploaded September 23, 2015

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