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    Quote on default ecard:  Not done your Christmas Shopping

Pop over to Little Jems
Handmade Jewellery and
Gifts Market
Stars Nov 15th Quote on default ecard: I think I can learn a lot from you,
Sir. I don't want to grow up so
big that whatever supports
me disappears. Quote on default ecard: Seeing a spider is never a problem.

The problem occurs
when it disappears. Quote on default ecard: I have no special talents. 

I'm only passionately

  Albert Einstein Quote on default ecard: Listening is overrated, dear.

Now cut the patter and
take your clothes off. Quote on default ecard: No one said essential oils
bitch hole. 

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: I'm so tired that the bags
under my eyes are
bigger than my
boobs Quote on default ecard: Facebook is limiting the
number of my posts that
you can see. Consider
yourself lucky.

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: You're not truly a parent until you've
blindly swatted into the backseat
of your car, hoping to
connect with a kid. Quote on default ecard: Taphophilia is a passion
for and enjoyment of
epitaphs, gravestone
rubbing, photography.
This can also include
walking in cemeteries
&finding lost relatives

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    Furio Giunta and Tony Soprano Funny Scene HOW AM I YOU ASK? INTERNET WAS DOWN ALL WEEKEND SO I HAD TO SPEND TIME WITH THE FAMILY meme Quote on office ecard: Epic fails of an Autism
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