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    Quote on default ecard: It's funny how
everyone considers
honesty a virtue, yet
no one wants to hear
the truth. Quote on default ecard: If marriage licenses are 
SO important to God,
why did he spend
over 165 million 
years just focusing 
on dinosaurs? Quote on default ecard: I love cleaning up messes I didn't
make. That's why I
became a shelter

Quote on default ecard: Whenever I see a young hot dad 
in a cardigan pushing a stroller, 
I kind of just want 
to nuzzle into his 
neck until he 
calls the police. Quote on default ecard: No one is better at Autism
Awareness than Santa.
As waiting in line to
see him,bright lights,
loud music and the
thought of him
makes the entire
mall autism aware. Quote on default ecard: You are sooooo open
minded, your brain may fall
out! Quote on default ecard: If my prayers were answered and
junior suddenly started speaking like
children his age. I would probably
freak out and call the
diocese to get an
exorcist. There
really is no
pleasing me. Quote on default ecard: To my children who
always argue with me:
give up already! 
You got your
attitude from me
but I have decades
more experience Quote on default ecard: Yeah, I'd really like to get together
with you bastards. But, I
think I am gonna pull the
Quote on default ecard: 
Yep, That's what I thought.

You have Absolutely no

Idea what is going on.

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nerves in the human

Some people are
capable of getting on
every last damn of
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