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    Quote on default ecard: If you have a problem
with me, call me.  If you
didn't have my number,
than that probably
means you don't know
me well enough for
there to be a
problem. Quote on default ecard: Science says the universe is made up
of protons, neutrons and electrons.

They forgot to
mention morons Quote on default ecard: I have to laugh at 
those who are 
going for gold 
in the Idiot and 
Ignorant Olympics.

No One Will Ever
Believe You: Autism Rants Quote on default ecard: Sometimes, you love
someone so much that even
the truth can't change
your mind. Quote on default ecard: Always love a woman for
her personality because
they have like 10 so you
can choose Quote on default ecard: if only i could eat a watermelon and a
hot dog
Quote on default ecard: 

napravim Roka slatko

: ) Quote on default ecard: Caues Manuel can suck
it hard in a good way 
Wink Wink. Quote on default ecard: It's not plastic.  How does it work? Quote on default ecard: Mother nature you are
one sneaky bitch.


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    Plum 8ft Round Whirlwind Trampoline & Enclosure Nixon Mens Corporal Stainless Steel Case Grey Canvas Strap White Dial Silver Watch   A243100 Quote on eating ecard: We don't have a problem with
caffeine.  We have a
problem with caffeine r u mad cos man took ur benefits meme MTM Special Ops Mens Falcon Titanium Watch   Silver Bracelet   Black Dial   MTM FST Pulsar Mens Stainless steel Black Watch   PXH913 Quote on liars ecard: 
I won't forgot to
pay all my taxes
this year so the
government can
give it to those
people who don't
work as hard as I DON'T ALWAYS MIX SERAQUIL AND BUDLIGHT BUT WHEN I DO, I PATROL MY NEIGHBORHOOD WITH MY TASER meme USA   2013 Summer/ Spring Clothes for Babies & Toddlers How NBA veteran Jason Terry got in the mix for UAB head coaching position <br> But that's what Jason Terry, a 17 year NBA veteran, did, yesterday just hours before his game with the Houston Rockets He has not confirmed whether this will be has last NBA season or not, but the 38 year old's playing career is winding down and iPhone 5 UK release live! Reviews, pictures, video and reaction as Apple's new baby goes on sale <br> The queues started last week, with George Horne and to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. Fans of technology giant Apple, camp outside the Apple store on Regents Street in Central London 48 hours before the official release of the new iPhone Lily loves to mix patterns and textures, and her knack for accessories


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