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    The reason I swear so much is because fuck you. Prepare yourself for a moderately competent display of manliness If you combine whore and bitch you get witch.  Put your hat on You've been distant since the sexual harassment Living a godless existence ensures no terrifyingly batshit religious figure impacts my election decision Let's catch up by asking mutual friends about each other It must be difficult to wake up and smell the roses with your head constantly in your ass When you are with me, your beverages are roofie free I'm fairly certain that gefilte fish is what makes people afraid of Jews Konichiwa bitches

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    No officer, my speech isn't slurred.  'm just talking in cursive Chateau de Chambord French Renaissance architecture image Bovec, Soča River, Slovenia Best Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers DIY Crayon Art The Iceman Movie 2011 Preview, Cast, Wallpapers, Trailer, Life of broad billed hummingbird voting is the perfect way to not feel like an asshole when someone asks if you voted death tunnel star yolanda peccoro ranks top latin model Snot bubbles! | Flickr   Photo Sharing! Irish Water Spaniel Wallpapers, Pictures & Breed Information I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you


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