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    Quote on default ecard: (Me) I bet other husbands 
don't get put in timeout!

(Wife) I bet they 
don't put their
mother in law's
phone number on 
a Craigslist ad either! Quote on default ecard: When people say they
hate spongebob i imagine
them getting hit by
spongebob driving Quote on default ecard: You think he bought it

Quote on default ecard: I hate it when people say:
Quote on default ecard: Follow your heart but don't
forget to take your
brain with you Quote on default ecard: Mummy is out of order. Please direct
all wants, needs, arguments, questions,
ouchies and whining to Daddy. Thank

Autism and Other
Ramblings Quote on default ecard: Whenever I see a young hot dad 
in a cardigan pushing a stroller, 
I kind of just want 
to nuzzle into his 
neck until he 
calls the police. Quote on default ecard: I am just an outline of a
person Quote on default ecard: I use to want a cure for
my child's autism. Now I
just want a daily caffeine
IV to help increase my

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Just had that difficult 
conversation with 
my kids about
internet porn.
All I could manage 

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    In small town Ohio, a heavy dose of Biden <br> ATHENS, Ohio  If you want an example of how Joe Biden can campaign in a way that his running mate cannot, look no further than his opening remarks at a campaign stop here Saturday. The last time still was the hour or so he spent Quote on reminders ecard: Don't try to figure me out.

I'm a special kind of twisted Spears had panic attacks on 'X Factor' <br> Britney Spears struggled to contain her nerves on the first day of filming the U.S. version of  The X Factor and suffered  Halloween Zombie Costume Mask With Hat Mia Maternity Dress (Eclipse Blue) Dan Henderson: TW Steel Mens XXL Stainless Steel Case Canteen Bracelet Silver Dial Two tone Watch   CB32 Quote on humor ecard: Crying is for pretty women.

Real women go
shopping Striped Cosmetic Bag w/ Handle Romney Takes More Aggressive Stance to Reset Presidential Race <br> Republican Mitt Romney and his campaign have dismissed concerns that they are mismanaging the race, attributing his slip in the polls to a wave of Democratic attack advertising thats been running in swing states since early summer. Last Ice Watch Unisex Sili Summer Fusion Coral Watch   Bracelet   Fusion Coral Dial   SI.FC.B.S.10 Quote on love ecard: Girls don't dress for
boys.  Girls dress for
girls!  If girls dressed
for boys, they would
walk around naked all
the time


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