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    Mitt Romney Video Offends Liberals And Conservatives Alike, Receives Negative Press Response <br> Just hours after Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign attempted an For NBC's Chuck Todd, Romney has endured simply After a Gunslinger Cuts Loose, Romney Aides Take Cover <br> Finger pointing quickly ensued, suggesting real displeasure and even confusion over the handling of Mr. Eastwoods performance, which was kept secret until the last minute the actor as recently as a few hours before his appearance. Political Perceptions: GOPs Iowa Deficits <br> When Paul Ryan embarked on his first solo outing as the Republican vice presidential candidate, he headed to Iowa. The Wisconsin congressman stopped by the Iowa State Fair last month to shake a few hands and deliver a short speech. A few hours Paul Ryan Gets Heros Welcome At Capitol Homecoming <br> Parkinson and Shushannah Walshe report: Republican vice presidential nominee received a warm welcome from his GOP colleagues when he made his first return to the Capitol since Mitt Romney chose him as his running mate last Ryan spent about Paul Ryans Most Egregious Lie: He Never Ran a Marathon in Under Three Hours <br> Paul Ryan has never run a marathon in under three hours. Last week, Ryan claimed his personal best was Ohio Democratic officials face dismissal in voting hours battle <br> Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, issued a directive last week making the hours for early in person voting by absentee ballot consistent throughout the state, where voting rules are a hot button issue. Voters will be able to cast Paul Ryan exaggerates his marathon running prowess <br> Ryan last week told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he had run a marathon Romney falling behind even before 47% video surfaced <br> If President Obama is reelected in November, the video of Mitt Romney's remarks to a New national opinion surveys, made public over the last 24 hours, found that Obama has widened his advantage over Romney  to five points in one poll Paul Ryan Ribbed Online For Marathon Boast <br> The race was more than 20 years ago, but my brother Tobinwho ran Boston last yearreminds me that Just clock a 2 hour and 49 minute time, convert it to Paul Ryan time and you can beat out Kenyan runner Geoffrey Mutais 2 hour Live streaming shows more political coverage than TV <br> CHARLOTTE (USA TODAY)  If you really want to follow the political conventions of a marathon Ron Paul rally last week in Tampa started at noon, for instance, while C SPAN's TV coverage didn't start until three hours later.

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We're good here? ROBOCOP Wallpapers HD Backgrounds Obama, party try to put platform flap behind them <br> In a matter of hours, Obama's team dealt with a potentially severe other spectacle of Democrats scrambling to change the party platform at the last minute. The severe weather forecast and the platform tussle clearly threw Obama's campaign for a loop. Company Shares of First Potomac Realty Trust (NYSE:FPO) Rally 2.24% <br> The firm has a market capitalization of $11.07 billion and a PE ratio of 52.46. The stock Last quarter, Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. The company reported $0.28 earnings per share for the quarter, topping the Thomson Reuters' consensus estimate of $0 Affenpinscher Pictures, Images & Graphics Humor ecard: Children are like all natural birth
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out alive. Ohio Official Retreats from Move to Limit Voting Hours <br> President Barack Obama's re election campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party sued to reinstate voting hours for everyone during the three days before Nov. 6, and a federal judge ruled in their favor late last month.


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