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Welcome to your 40's:
Sneezing is more about 
crossing your legs tight
than covering your 
mouth. Quote on default ecard: If Karma doesn't hit you, I
gladly will Quote on default ecard: 

Summer 2013 Quote on default ecard: You're not truly a parent until you've
blindly swatted into the backseat
of your car, hoping to
connect with a kid. Quote on default ecard: My favorite activity for
Easter is stealing my
child's chocolate bunny
and mercilessly biting off
its ears and head in a
private place. Quote on default ecard: Another Quote on default ecard: (4 y.o.) What happens 
when you die?

(Me) You go to heaven.

(4 y.o.) No, I mean 
when YOU die, 
do I get your stuff? Quote on default ecard: 

napravim Roka slatko

: ) Quote on default ecard: You May Be An Autism Parent If:

You can freely
talk about your
child's poop
while eating
supper. Quote on default ecard: I'm 100% Spoiled
by the Love of 
My Life

Thank You Bob

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    Capucine Tubers Vacation Rental Theme Features Surprise dance for mommy jeans for 70th birthday party Babe Ruth: Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet Pendant in 14 Karat Gold Islanders 4, Blue Jackets 3 | Comeback falls short <br> much like the debacle in Nashville last weekend. The New York Islanders held a 3 1 lead and a 15 2 shot advantage. Were the final 40 minutes really necessary? The Blue Jackets made the final 40 minutes interesting, at least, rallying to tie the score once Hat & Cap e Face & Ski Mask e Masquerade Mask RCA VH126N Antenna Auto Rotator with Controlled Programmable Remote Eureka Sanitaire SC679J Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner LET'S GO CAMPING, THEY SAID IT WILL BE FUN, THEY SAID meme Welcome to the Privy Council, gentlemen: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair one of three newly Honourable members <br> Hot off the NDP presses comes word that NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is now officially an Honourable Mulcair is actually the third addition to those august ranks to be announced within the last 24 hours. In a press release issued last night, the prime That was about 7 hours big fan of Bruce Willis and have seen many of his films. Don't ever play the nes version of this game though. It's horrible! AVGN ripped it apart in a hilarious review. That's probly my favorite AVGN review. Those last 2 or


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