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    XTM Shock Springs (2) 1.6mm x 58mm Silver Rail Contactor, Lighting, Electrically Held, Full Load Amps inductive 200, Full Load Amps resistive 200, Number Of Poles 2, Coil Volts 120vac, 50/60 Hz, Enclosure Type Open, Height 9.14 pack of 10ml dropper bottles Dual Motor Run Capacitor, 60/7.5 Mfd, 370v, Round, Dia. 2 1/2 In., Overall Height 5 1/4 In., Case Height 4 3/4 In., Hermetically sealed Aluminum Case With Steel Cover, 2 blade Quick connect Insulated Terminals, 60/50 Hz, Temp. Range  40 To 70 C Remanufactured Epson T565900 ink cartridge, light light black, 220 pages Ceiling Ventilator, Insulated, Wheel Dia 7 1/2 In, Cfm @ 0.000 in Sp 557, @ 0.125 in Sp 501, 6.0 Sones @ 0.000 in Sp @ 5 Ft, 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, Full Load Amps 3.30, Single Speed, Motor Rpm 1070, Housing Height 14 1/2 In, Housing Width 14 3/8 In, Housing Length 18 In, Discharge Height 8 In, Discharge Width 8 In, Grille Length 19 3/8 In, Grille Width 16 3/8 In, Grille Finish White, Housing Material Galvanized, 1dgv2 Speed Control, For Use With General Ventilation Applications Alibi HD TVI/CVI/AHD Mini Video Balun with Screw Terminals, Pair Alvarez Regent 26 Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with 15mm Duo Foam Deluxe Gig Bag, Natural All new Meade LX600 Telescopes  Now you can have the most advanced imaging platform available.  The Meade LX600 series telescopes feature StarLock for automatic alignment ultra precision pointing and assisted drift alignment.  The Meade LX600 telescopes are available with or without the all new X Wedge for equatorial mounting the telescope.  Now the LX600 telescopes feature an all new optical system featuring an oversized Low Expansion Borsilicate primary mirror Schott Borofloat glass corrector plate diffraction limited optics and an f/8 focal ratio.  And with the optional Meade LX600/800 focal reducer you can bring that down to f/5 for even faster imaging.  Meade LX600 features:       Advanced Coma Free Optics  StarLock dual imager and full time autoguider  GPS Receiver  Internal Crayford style focusing system with 7:1 focus control  OTA tube balance weight system  AutoStar II handbox with 145000 object library  Smart Drive with Permanent Periodic Error Corrrection (PPEC)  Patented Level North Technolgy (LNT)  Alignment System  8x50 Viewfinder  AutoStar Suite software  Free AutoStar upgrades from       Meade StarLock       High precision autoguiding down to one arcsecond  No need for separate guider or computer  Captures field stars down to 11th magnitude       Meade ACF Advanced Coma Free f/8 Optics       New faster f/8 Advanced Coma Free optics  Two Speed Crayford Style Focuser with 7:1 micro adjustment  Optional f/5 field flattener/focal reducer available Circuit Breaker, Bolt On, Air Rating 10ka, Standard Circuit Breaker Type, Number Of Poles 3, Voltage 240vac, 80 Amps, 3 Phase, Any Phase Connection, Min Wire Size 6 Awg, Max Wire Size 1/0 Awg, Length 3.28 In, Width 3.00 In, Depth 2.38 In, Box Lug Terminal Connection, For Use With Ge Aq Lighting Panels, Frame Size Thq, High Amp Trip Setting 800 Fixed, Standards Ul/ Csa Inspire 1   180W Rapid Charge Power Adapter AC Cable (US & Canada) Vivitar DVR 560 5.1MP 4x Zoom Digital Video Recorder Camcorder Black


    Pegged August 3, 2016

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