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    Quote on default ecard: Oh dear,

I really have a lot of
things to do, but I'm
already in my pajamas Quote on default ecard: One for Alexi, one for Buckjammer,
one for Bubba, one for
Seth, another for Alicat,
and one for Pete. Quote on default ecard: WOOOHOOOO it's Friday,


GUARD! Quote on default ecard: If the salesman doesn't come with me
on the test drive, I just take the car
home and wait for them to come get
it. I have so many cars now ;) Quote on default ecard: I'm sorry I hurt your
feelings when I called you
stupid. In my defense, I
thought you already
knew Quote on default ecard: Dear sleep,

I know we had
problems when I was
younger but I love
you now! Quote on default ecard:  Alone with the rush of the drivers
who won't pick me up.

The highway, the moon,
the clouds, and the
stars Quote on default ecard: Call yo fuckin motha

Quote on default ecard: If you obey the rules,
you miss all the fun Quote on default ecard: I may be smiling on the
outside, but there's a
storm brewing on the

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    Spacewalking team conquers bolt, installs box <br> They also brushed and blew away most if not all the metal shavings, debris that was discovered during last Thursday's eight hour extravaganza, one of the longest spacewalks on record. Wednesday's outing lasted 6 hours. Although the space Quote on encouragement ecard: The happiest people
don't have the best of
everything.  They
make the best of
everything. being nice and nice persons Brooklyn parentsfume as buses dont show <br> who is undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer. He has to have busing. Its not like I just want it; I need it. St. Louis said shed called the bus company 50 or 60 times since last week in an effort to get her son to a school in nearby Pulsar Mens Analog Stainless Watch   Silver Bracelet   Silver Dial   PS9161 Tora! (40th Anniversary) (Extended Japanese Cut) (Blu ray) Quote on humor ecard: Newton's third law of emotion:

For every male action,
there's a female
overreaction. Waterproof SUV Car 4 Lamp Yellow Light Roof Bar   Waterproof   4 Lamps   Universal Roof Mount i got 99 problems but vera aint one meme I Never leave my friends at a party Unless by boy Hugh and this years playmates say its ok. meme miller light    meme


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