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    Quote on sarcasm ecard: Sure, I walk around the house
naked with the blinds open.  If
you are peeking through my
window, you are punished
by seeing me naked.  Joke's
on you, muddafucka. Quote on sarcasm ecard: You can tell a lot about a woman's
mood just by looking at
her hands.  As an
example, if she is holding
a gun, she's probably
angry Quote on sarcasm ecard: Quote on sarcasm ecard: Organic milk only comes 
from cows that do yoga
and moo about 
being a vegetarian 
or marathons 
they were in. Quote on sarcasm ecard: 
I'm not rude!

I just don't like you Quote on sarcasm ecard: My fear is that PMS
doesn't exist and this is
actually my real
personality. Quote on sarcasm ecard: 

I don't hate you! I just
feel comfortable when
you're not around. Quote on sarcasm ecard: Why don't you go back
to your home on whore
island? Quote on sarcasm ecard: Why are we so unpopular?

Because we hate everyone Quote on sarcasm ecard: I really need to stop asking
'how stupid can you be'.
It seems many of you
are taking this as a
personal challenge

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