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    save   orkut scraps in malayalam for christmas Bill Gates Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines and Health Care PLOTTPALMTREES.COM Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything Stephen William Hawking ~ World Reference Golden State Warriors Logo | Logo Resources Very often when viewing the moon its light is so intense in the telescope you need a filter to bring down the amount of light entering your eye.  Think of it like a pair of sunglasses for your telescope.  You will see more detail on crators more surface detail and a much more comfortable eye at the eyepiece.Celestrons 1.25 inch moon filter is an economical eyepiece filter for reducing the brightness of the moon and improving contrast. This allows surface detail to be observed more readily. The clear aperture is 21mm for this 1.25 inch filter. Light transmission is about 18 percent. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (with intro by President John Hennessy) Good Quotes About Life SKY WATCHER PRO 120ED APO REFRACTOR: Serious Amateurs will Love the SW 120mm ED APO RefractorSky Watcher high performance ED APO refractors offer premium optical performance for the discriminating amateur astronomer. Refractors are coveted for their superb contrast high definition and coal black sky background that make stars appear like diamonds imbedded in black velvet. SW APO refractors utilize the most modern optical glasses and fabricating techniques to deliver the ultimate in high fidelity astronomical imaging. Subtle details pop as never seen before in telescopes of lesser optical capability. Observing with the Sky Watcher PRO 120ED APO Refractor The additional aperture compared to a 100mm diameter lens provides a dramatic increase in resolution and a heighten sense of seeing lunar and planetary surface phenomenon in seemingly 3D high definition.Touring the Moonthe rugged Southern Highlands of the lunar surface are rich in craters. To the southeast the famous crater Theophilus is 65 miles across. The raised triple peaked central area is striking to observe in your SW 120ED. The crater has massive walls and the basin is 14000 thousand feet deep. One of the southernmost craters Clavius is a very large crater 145 miles across. It is located south of Tycho. In this same area can be found craters Maginus and Longomotanus which are also very worthy of exploration. To the north the young crater Tycho dominates the southern lunar landscape. Named after the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe it is a spectacular sight with very high rimmed walls. Your SW120ED will provide an impressive view. North of Tycho appearing brightly in a basin is the famous Rupes Rect (the Straight Wall) an 800 foot mountain that is a must see pillsbury doughboy


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