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    Quote on default ecard: I love cleaning up messes I didn't
make. That's why I
became a shelter

Quote on default ecard: It's okay to disagree with me!

I realize that you
can't force someone
to be right Quote on default ecard: Everyone needs someone
who can handle their dark
side Quote on default ecard: Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm'.
Therefore, hay fever is an
STD. Sense no one
voluntarily takes in 
pollen, I have concluded 
We all are being raped 
by trees. Quote on default ecard: Tonight im drinking my
beer from a straw like
the classy bitch that I
am. Quote on default ecard: some people miss there
loved ones and friends
when they die but me
on the other hand is
happy to get them
out of my hair Quote on default ecard: You shouldn't take it personally
if your ASD child can't
reciprocate your
affection. Stop being a
needy diva.

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: Your ASD child scripting things
they should not have
heard.just another thing for
autism parents to worry

fb/All Over The Quote on default ecard: Serif Dejan: Bjeeeeezi

Camac je odvezan

Ja cu ih zadrzat. Quote on default ecard: You know when it's ok to hate a
child? When his name is
Evan and he has a
Youtube channel
featuring his obnoxious
overindulgent lifestyle.

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