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    XTM Diff Housing/Outer Gear Blade/Outlaw XTM XTM Shocks XT2e Rear 3.5x125mm w/White Springs (2) XTM Window Net Set 1/6 Atx Crystals Receiver Crystal AM Ch83 w/Cap XTM Motor Plate X Cellerator Electric XTM Turnbuckles Rail/XT2/XT2e Titanium 4x48 mm (2) XTM Radio Plate Mammoth ST 2mm 6061 Black XTM Chassis X Terminator, 3mm 7075 Alum. Black XTM Gearbox X Factor Main XTM Roll Cage 1/6 Buggy Rear w/Body Posts

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    HTC Smartflip 2in1 Phone Stand and Credit Card Holder, Blue Steel Starter Kit   Xtra (Auto) DSE901 T Rotary Screw Compressor, Integrated Air Dryer, 7.5 Hp, Delivery 25 Cfm, Pressure 150 Psi, Voltage 460, 3 Phase, 19.7 Amps Ac, 80 Gal Receiver, Horizontal Tank Type, Mount Tank Type, Fnpt Outlet 3/4 In, 65 Dba @ 3 Feet, Motor Rpm 3495, Continuous Duty, R 134a Refrigerant, Ambient Temp Range 33 To 104 F, Length 54 In, Depth 29 In, Height 61 In Atx Crystals Receiver Crystal FM DC Ch40 w/Cap 910 GOPRO KIT CASE Movavi Video Suite   Download F450 ARF KIT + Landing Gear + Naza M V2 + Mounting Adapter for F450 + Zenmuse H3 3D (Standard) Elite Premium Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro 13 Freedom from Ghost images even when stacked.  Striae free substrates are polished parallel to 30 seconds of to avoid wedge errors.  Finest 7 layer  hard multicoatings on both faces feature 0.25% residual reflections (Baader filters are unique no other colored filter incorporates anti reflection multicoatings).  The coatings are also different for each of the filters in order to match the coating performance to the filter curve of each color.  This maximizes the transmission and minimizes reflections.     Extremely High Transmissions result in maximum contrast and isolation of planetary details even with smaller telescopes.  Efficiencies of the three longpass filters (Red Orange and Yellow) peaks at 98% and efficiencies of the three bandpass filters (Green Blue Dark Blue) achieve 70%.      Carefully designed spectral characteristics.  Filters may be stacked without image degradation or ghosting in order to provide even narrower passbands.  Or combine with any of the other Baader filters for interesting possibilities.     No reduction in sharpness even at high magnifications or when using the filter far ahead of the focal plane (ie digital imaging or in front of a diagonal or binoviewer). PC Components, Desktop PCs, Laptops, LCD TVs & Computer Hardware JL Audio 10W7 3 W7 Series 10 Adam Truro Ivory with Ribbon Brass Electric Fire


    Pegged December 6, 2016

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