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    Quote on default ecard: Being single is smarter
than being in the
wrong relationship. Quote on default ecard: I'm not going to let the
beautiful Spring weather
get in the way of
spending the entire
weekend in bed. Quote on default ecard: 

Thanks for drinks last
weekend, sorry there
wasn't a mere Quote on default ecard: I'm great at pretending to be
successful.  Quote on default ecard: Do you really think its a
good idea to tell ASD
parents you avoid
vaccinations because
you don't want your
children to get autism? 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: if your phone doesn't

That would be me. Quote on default ecard: I'm trying to feel awesome today but
it's difficult when
you're tired from
being so awesome
yesterday. Quote on default ecard: All these NTs think they are so smart.
But, they don't
even know
what NT
stands for.

aots Quote on default ecard: Congrats! I decided to steal
your content. I'm getting
so much traffic from your
work. You should really
take it as a compliment.

fb/All The Huge Ass
Pages Quote on default ecard: I don't have an attitude, just a
personality you can't

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