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    Wow, you look 'great' for your age! Who's your plastic surgeon Happy birthday to jew!  Birthday Party Ecard: I don't want anyone to know it's my birthday I just realized that we haven't drank in 5 days We should celebrate by getting drunkest we have ever been Funny Birthday Ecard: It's just my 30th Birthday PartyNo pressure to make sure it's awesome and I don't cry myself to sleep I'm excited by the myth there will be tons of straight,  single dudes at your birthday party I got you something you'll feel guilty about never reading Funny Birthday Ecard: Happy Birthday, old friend! (When I say old I mean I have known you a long time but you are also just old and a friend.) I hope being sodomized by the IRS like every other U.S. citizen  make your birthday any less special Free Ecards, Funny Ecards, Greeting Cards, Birthday Ecards, Birthday

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