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    Quote on default ecard: I've been pin napped. 

Don't send help! Quote on default ecard: If you need an ear, I have
two. Quote on default ecard: Why isn't there a 
Roomba that cuts
grass? Probably
some stupid law 
about sending a 
blade wielding 
robot out into 
the neighborhood. Quote on default ecard: I have a condition that
prevents me from going
on a diet.It's called
HUNGER! Quote on default ecard: I have come to the conclusion that
there is nothing
common about
common courtesy
and common sense Quote on default ecard: (4 y.o.) What happens 
when you die?

(Me) You go to heaven.

(4 y.o.) No, I mean 
when YOU die, 
do I get your stuff? Quote on default ecard:  Just remember this. 
cell phones can do a lot
BUT texting themselves  
hmmm.I don't think
so!!  Sweet dreams. Quote on default ecard: Remember, we are one Quote on default ecard: Why are giraffes so slow to

It takes them a long time
to swallow their pride! ;)

I'm sorry Ice, 
 Papa Meat Stick Quote on default ecard: Congrats! I decided to steal
your content. I'm getting
so much traffic from your
work. You should really
take it as a compliment.

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    Supergirl Laura Vandervoort Bikini Image 5 February 7 2013 Twitter piles it on Romney after fundraiser video <br> It is obvious to anyone following politics in the last 24 hours that the Romney campaign is losing the messaging war over the statements in videos published yesterday byMother Jones. But how badly? A look at someTwitter data from Topsy Pro low cost domain names in the UK Runescape Nerds Pick up Girls in Las Vegas HOW AM I YOU ASK? INTERNET WAS DOWN ALL WEEKEND SO I HAD TO SPEND TIME WITH THE FAMILY meme Halloween 2013 Coat Pouch For Mobile Phone Organic Cotton Baby Clothes | Estella Bamboo Baby Clothing Collection design freelogoservices customer service more account freelogoservices ... Quote on humor ecard: Just a reminder that you still have
plenty of time to do
your taxes at the last
minute. Angry Matt Harvey wont talk to press after spring outing, Mets manager says aces health scare no laughing matter <br> PORT ST. LUCIE  Apparently annoyed that his health scare was mocked and turned into bathroom You know how scary it is when they are talking about having to decide in 24 hours what kind of procedure they would have to do to remove the clot if it Attendance up at Federated 400 despite weekend rain <br> but it is a tick up from NASCAR's estimates of 88,000 for each of the last two Sprint Cup races at the three quarter mile track. The increase came despite brutal weather conditions in the hours before and during Saturday's race. Severe storm


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    Quote on default ecard: Every time I'm around 
my mother in law

I wonder who 
is running Hell 
in her absence.
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