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    Humor ecard: 
I stopped fighting
my inner demons.

We're on the same  
side now. Humor ecard: The only time to eat
diet food is while
waiting for the steak
to cook

  Julia Child Quote on humor ecard: I just rolled my eyes
so hard I saw my brain Humor ecard: Men say they don't trust anything that
bleeds for 5 days and
doesn't die.

Well, I don't trust
anything with 2 heads and
only one brain. Quote on humor ecard: I'd ask you to kiss my ass but then you
might fall in love and I'd
never get rid of you Humor ecard: 
Come to the dark side. 
We have cookies Humor ecard: I am ready to meet my Maker.
Whether my Maker is prepared for
the great ordeal of
meeting me is another
matter. Quote on humor ecard: I love you enough to stop sexting
other women after I got
caught the first time. Quote on humor ecard: I'm not single!  

I'm in a long standing
relationship with fun
and freedom Humor ecard: If you fear rejection, get a job
at the mall handing out food samples. 

Problem solved!

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    Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet   Lamb Slippers Bertucci Mens A 2T ProColor Titanium Watch   Blue Nylon Strap   Blue Dial   12052 Quote on default ecard: Autismit doesn't come with volume

fb/All Over The
Spectrum New York Travel   Urban Outfitters Maxi Dress | Mel & ElleMel & Elle Quote on default ecard: Dear men,

If you don't look like
Calvin Klein models, then
don't expect
us to look like Victoria's
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