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    The CGE Pro 1400 HD combines Celestron's state of the art CGE Pro Computerized Equatorial mount with its new EdgeHD optical system. With more than 60% more light gathering power than the 11 telescope this observatory class instrument is Celestrons largest optical system in its class.     Featuring our premium StarBright XLT coatings this telescope is especially at home as a solid platform for long exposure photography with optional CCD cameras or photographic equipment; it is a serious scientific research tool. German Equatorial mounts are recognized as being the superior choice for astrophotography because of their rock solid stability simple balancing and easy accessibility for attaching equipment. With sophisticated software features like the Hibernate function the CGE Pro can maintain its star alignment night after night without needing to be re aligned making it an ideal instrument for a permanent observatory facility     Celestron's New Optical Design     The Celestron EdgeHD optical system takes all of the compact power popularized by the Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) and combines it with an improved high definition optical system for wide field astrograph quality images.     As a visual instrument Celestron EdgeHD optics deliver pinpoint images even with your widest field eyepiece. You can search for all of the Messier Catalog objects and see hundreds of other equally interesting NGC IC and Caldwell objects with amazing clarity. For astroimaging the EdgeHD optics produce aberration free images across your favorite CCD or DSLR camera. All EdgeHD optics are designed to produce an extremely flat focal plane precise enough to match the strict tolerances of the largest commercial ccd detectors allowing all stars to be in tight focus to the very edge of the chip.     Diffraction Limited     Some companies boast that their telescopes give diffraction limited stars in the very center of the field of view. EdgeHD optics not only produce diffraction limite EF S 10 22mm f/3.5 4.5 USM Lens Epson T200XL420 / 200XL remafactured ink cartridge   high capacity yellow Manual Motor Starter, Factory Sealed, Amps Ac Heater Unit Required, Nema Type 3, 7cd, 9efg, Hub Style Feed thru, Hub Size 1, Number Of Gangs 1, Description/special Features Cast In Hubs. Interchangeable Heater Units., Number Of Required Thermals 1, Number Of Poles 2, Starter Type Manual, Height 7.03 In., Width 3.72 In., Depth 5.31 In., Hp @ 120v 1, Hp @ 240v 1, Hp @ 32vdc 1/4, Hp @ 120vdc 1, Hp @ 240vdc 1, Hp @ 115vdc 1, Hp @ 230vdc 1 Elite Premium Refurbished Apple iPhone 5C Sprint Green 8GB LifeProof iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 Case: NUUD Archival Methods Archival Thin White Paper, 45gsm, 11x17 LifeProof Android & iPad Air/iPad Mini   General Use Headphone Adaptor Non Threaded Glow drinkware | Glow in the dark drinkware | Glow barware | Glow cups Brother LC51M compatible ink cartridge   high capacity magenta Unit Heater, Btuh Input 400000, Gas Inlet 3/4 Inch, Flue Diameter 6 Inches, Motor Power Rating 1 Hp, Height 39 1/16 Inches, Depth 51 Inches, Width 48 1/8 Inches, Oc Mounting 45 Inches, Separated Combustion Heat Exchanger, Blower Wheel For Air Movement Animal Crossing New Leaf


    Pegged December 6, 2016

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