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    Quote on humor ecard: Fact of life:

Even after Monday &
Tuesday the calendar says
W T F . Humor ecard: I wish I was a unicorn so I could stab
all the fucktards with my head. Humor ecard: 
I wish complaining
about taxes was
tax deductible Quote on humor ecard: Good thing stupidity
doesn't hurt. These two
would be doubled
over in pain right
now! Quote on humor ecard: No, I'm not high maintenance.

You just have low standards. Quote on humor ecard: I just rolled my eyes
so hard, I think I saw
my brain Humor ecard: Just because you're not paranoid
doesn't mean they are not
out to get you. Humor ecard: Sarcasm:

The ability to insult idiots
without them realizing it. Humor ecard: I'm a woman, I don't know
what I want.  
But, I can get mad if I
don't get it. Humor ecard: Ok, let's get this straight once and for
all.  I'm

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    Quote on office ecard: Epic fails of an Autism
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