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    Humor ecard: By the power invested in
me, I now announce you

Deleted and blocked

You may now kiss
my ass. Humor ecard: 
Boobs are like the sun.  You
can stare at them directly for
a second, but if you put
sunglasses, you can stare at
them as much as you want. Humor ecard: When someone says to
me “great minds think
alike” I just look at
them and think “you
dirty bastard.” Quote on humor ecard: Treat mom to a margarita
this mother's day!

Remember, you're the
reason she drinks. Humor ecard: Be the kind of woman so that when
your feet hit the floor each morning,
the devil says 
Humor ecard: Today I will live in the moment unless
it's unpleasant.  Then I will
have a cookie Humor ecard: Adults are just kids with
money Humor ecard: I don't know about you
but I have thoughts of
running away from home
way more often as an
adult, than I ever did as
kid. Quote on humor ecard: Instead of writing LOL, I'm
going to start writing
SALTS (smiled a little
then stopped).

It's more accurate Quote on humor ecard: Crying is for pretty women.

Real women go

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