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    Quote on encouragement ecard: Create a life that feels good
on the outside, rather
than a life that looks good
on the outside Quote on encouragement ecard: No a spanking, or a
slap won't stop my
child from acting out. 
My child isn't
misbehaving. It's called
Autism. Would you like
the ignorance slapped
out of you? Quote on encouragement ecard: Darkness cannot drive out
darkness; only light can
do that. Hate cannot
drive out hate; only
love can do that. Encouragement ecard: This week starts on Monday.  So suck
it up and have a great day.  It is your
chance to seize the week Quote on encouragement ecard: Grandpa what does all this hate
that is going on in the world
mean?  It means its finally
time that all
regardless of skin
will finally know that
we are all human
beings Quote on encouragement ecard: Coffee, chocolate and men.

Some things are just
better rich! Encouragement ecard: Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of
lime and a shot of tequila Encouragement ecard: 
My entire goal in life is to
show my friends who are
not single how awesome
being single is. Encouragement ecard: Success has a simple formula:

Do your best and
people may like it Quote on encouragement ecard: What doesn't kill you
fucks you up mentally

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