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    Quote on default ecard: We spread a shitload of autism
awareness at the pool today. 

Quote on default ecard: I decided to take an
aerobics class.  I bent,
twisted, gyrated and
jumped up and down.

Unfortunately, by the
time I had my leotard
on, the class was over. Quote on default ecard: I slept too late on my day off and now
I have no time to do
nothing. Quote on default ecard: Quote on default ecard: Have you ever notice that anyone
driving slower than you is an idiot and
everyone going faster than you a
maniac? Quote on default ecard: Caues Manuel can suck
it hard in a good way 
Wink Wink. Quote on default ecard: Oh I didn't answer your
call? It went to
voicemail? Sorry honey
my phone automatically
rejects calls from
cuntbitches Quote on default ecard: Please don't interrupt
me while I'm ignoring
you Quote on default ecard: Don't try to figure me out.

I am a special kind of 
Twisted. Quote on default ecard: Your ASD child scripting things
they should not have
heard.just another thing for
autism parents to worry

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