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    Quote on default ecard: I really need an extra day
between Saturday and
Sunday. Quote on default ecard: I'm not getting old. 

I'm getting better! Quote on default ecard: Every time I'm around 
my mother in law

I wonder who 
is running Hell 
in her absence. Quote on default ecard: My classmates would
copulate with anything
that moved, but I
never saw any
reason to limit
myself. Quote on default ecard: What? You say you have to go to
work and do a 9 5? I
say be a Tupperware consultant
and work your own
hours and Earn as
much as you want. Quote on default ecard: Weekend forecast.
Fucking drunk,
Memory loss,
and making a 
complete fool
of myself.

CHEERS !!! Quote on default ecard: I have officially reached the
age where I am smack dab
between Quote on default ecard: I work hard so my cat can have a
better life Quote on default ecard: When people rob banks, they go to

When banks rob
people, they get a
bonus. Quote on default ecard: After Tuesday, even the calendar goes
W T F!

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    Quote on drunk ecard: Alcohol may be man's
worst enemy but the
bible says love your
enemy. item description just like beautiful flowers this mixed flowers cookie Quote on encouragement ecard: Thanks for helping me
through my winter
depression by being far
more depressed by
comparison. TW Steel Mens XXL Stainless Steel Case Canteen Black Leather Black Dial Silver Watch   CS2 Proud Rooster Tea Light Candle   Set Of 6 Plum 8ft Round Whirlwind Trampoline & Enclosure Slash Waist Bodycon Dress adidas Nizza Lo Remodel Trainers Bertucci A 2S Ventara Mens Titanium Watch   Brown Nylon Strap   Khaki Dial   12047 Quote on boyfriend ecard: I would truly appreciate your advice
on which ex I should make the
mistake of calling tonight. Bridesmaid Black White Modern Zebra Pin NASA's Moonwalking Apollo Astronauts: Where Are They Now? <br> Before joining NASA in 1963, Collins was an experimental flight test officer in the U.S. Air Force, logging approximately 5,000 hours flying time which awarded college scholarships for science. He died in 1998 of leukemia. [


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