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    Giants Mailbag: Early NFL draft projections for Big Blue at No. 10, free agent chatter and more <br> First of all, with their $200 million spending spree they did more than most teams in the first few hours of free agency has been arguably the most reliable long snapper in the NFL over the last decade or so. But even hes not immune to the realities Which projected top 15 NFL Draft pick is Rutgers' Najee Clayton studying for 'hours' a day? <br> The recently departed Ohio State linebacker is projected as a top 15 pick by a majority of NFL Draft prognosticators after starring the last three seasons for the Bruce Arians on why quality of NFL offensive line play is 'deteriorating' <br> Last Wednesday I spent more than half of the hour long NFC coaches breakfast with NFL reporters at the Boca Raton Resort & Club sitting at Arians roundtable. Large chunks of the transcript are too good not to share. Especially Issue No. 1. For topical On April 2, 2012, 7 people were killed in a shooting at Oikos University, in East Oakland near the airport and Coliseum Complex. Suspect One L. Goh surrendered an hour later to police perhaps 0.6 meter in the last twenty years.) Former NFL Player Terrence Cody Sentenced to 9 Months After Starving Dog to Death for 'Up to 10 Weeks,' Says Prosecutor <br> Former NFL player Terrence Cody was sentenced to nine months in jail last week by a Baltimore County judge after The dog was severely emaciated and underweight by about 50 pounds and died hours later, prosecutor Adam Lippe tells PEOPLE. Fools' Gold: NFL's Joke Contract Team <br> Joke status: Kaepernick's deal just landed a half hour special on Comedy Central Perhaps the worst contract in the NFL for each of the last three seasons is still being honored despite the fact that Dallas could save $7.4 million by releasing him. On RGIII, rules and NFLs reaction to latest concussion story <br> Last Thursday, the New York Times wrote a long piece claiming the NFL, using shoddy medical and reporting practices and how his dad and he would drive three hours on some fall mornings to Tuscaloosa and sit in the faculty section behind the Bama The NFL is going to great lengths to discredit a New York Times story on concussions <br> The NFL is waging war against The New York Times over an investigative piece published in The Times last week, entitled CMO Today: DraftKings, FanDuel Get One Last Weekend of College Fantasy <br> Media companies last year enjoyed the major ad dollars DraftKings and FanDuel were spending to hawk their products, but its hard to imagine fans will see as many as ads this upcoming NFL season the 24 hour cable news network, is launching a new The NFLs New Approach to Old Media <br> Last year Sony released Concussion, featuring Will Smith as the pathologist whose work, career and reputation was smeared by NFL doctors and lawyers dropped a 1,052 word official response to the story just hours after it went livewith an even

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