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    Quote on default ecard: You're too Ratchet even
for Facebook! Quote on default ecard: So if a redhead goes crazy, is it called
Ginger Snaps? Quote on default ecard:                 
I don't know about you,
but I've thought about
running away more as
an adult than I did as a
child. Quote on default ecard: We firmly believe that there is more
to life than money, alcohol and sex. 
We just don't know
what it is Quote on default ecard: I'm a classy bitch! Don't ever forget

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: 

Life is too short buy the
shoes! Quote on default ecard: This thought makes me stronger 
that my dad is my support 
and he is always there for me. 
Love you daddy!!! Quote on default ecard: “Don't take rest after your first victory
because if you fail in second, more lips
are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.” Quote on default ecard: I wish the Dr's office
offered  rewards
I would have
racked up a   
new car
by now Quote on default ecard: 
You madam, are a

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