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    Quote on confession ecard: There is no life without water. That's
because without water,
there is no coffee.  And,
if there's no coffee, I'll
kill you all Quote on confession ecard: Are you talking during
Dr. Who??? The last
person who did that
EX TER MI NATED! Quote on confession ecard: My husband thinks
I'm crazy.  However,
he's the one who
married me. Quote on confession ecard: I didn't say it was your fault.  All I said
was that I'm blaming
you Confession ecard: I get a lot of my cardio from speed
walking around the
house looking for
wine. Quote on confession ecard: I never make the same
mistake twice.  I make
it 4 or 5 times, just to
be sure Confession ecard: Bacon.
I put that shit on
Quote on confession ecard: If it requires pants or a bra, it ain't
happening today Confession ecard: Why did I unfriend you
on Facebook?

Because your statuses
are annoying and I
fucking hate your
face. Quote on confession ecard: I wish weight were like
virginity!  Once you lost it,
you could never get it back.

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    Quote on sarcasm ecard: Oh, you want to have sex?

Well I have to warn
you: I don't shave my
legs during any
months with an 'R'
in the name Paris Show, VW GTi, 2013 Gallardo, New Mazda 3, & Baby NSX! Kate Middleton spend $100 get $5 reward Quote on default ecard: The best thing about being single is
sleeping around. You can
sleep all over that bed of
yours: left, right, middle,
wherever.  An Irish SEnse of Humor meme Design your own bridal shoes Send Thank You Flowers   Send Flowers by Leading Online Florist READY THE CHICKEN IS SO UNDERCOOKED THAT A VET COULD STILL SAVE IT meme Romney repeats sharp criticism of Obama after Benghazi, Cairo attacks <br> I think Mitt Romney is very sad, Kerry said U.S. troops in his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last month. And in July, Romney took a trip to Europe that was intended to show voters back home that he is a Happy First Anniversary to  HFAC You might not know this but you are kind of a big deal meme Free Logo's Success Story |


    Pegged January 12, 2015

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