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    Your name still comes up at work
when something goes horribly wrong
and we need someone
to blame. Quote on confession ecard: 
I'm not a nerd.  I'm just smarter than
you Quote on confession ecard: I meant to behave but
there were too many
other options Confession ecard: 
Yep, that's what I thought.

I have absolutely no
idea what is going on. Quote on confession ecard: I wish weight were like
virginity!  Once you lost it,
you could never get it back. Quote on confession ecard: I'm tough,
I'm ambitious,
and I know what I

If that makes me a
bitchI'm okay with
that. Quote on confession ecard: You're the type of
boy I'd make a
sandwich for Confession ecard: Why did I unfriend you
on Facebook?

Because your statuses
are annoying and I
fucking hate your
face. Quote on confession ecard: The tag on my
underwear has been 
tickling my ass all day.

I was gonna cut 
it off but I'm 
really really lonely. Quote on confession ecard: I admit, I've typed

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