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    Quote on default ecard: I wish weight were like virginity! Once
you lost it, you could never
get it back. Quote on default ecard: Never go at the first call
of Quote on default ecard: If women ran the world, we wouldn't
have wars.

Just intense negotiations
every 28 days Quote on default ecard: 
You madam, are a
Quote on default ecard: I made my husband a cup of tea & I
gave him a wink as I handed it to him

He's never looked
so scared of a
drink before
that moment! Quote on default ecard: I met with my financial 
advisor the other day,
he told me that my
401K is 399K short! Quote on default ecard: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 
But, what
around here
sure gets
quickly. Quote on default ecard: Quote on default ecard: My wish for you today my
friends is peace in your
minds, love in your hearts
and laughter in your lives!
Much love and many
blessings to you!! Quote on default ecard: So the texts you sent
another woman don't mean anything
because you typed the words

I guess that means the
texts you send me don't
mean anything either

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