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    Quote on humor ecard: This is my Monday
morning face
(holidays and
vacations included) Humor ecard: You're only as old as
you feel.

And you look like you
feel pretty damn
old. Quote on humor ecard: Getting into a
relationship may seem
tempting but so was
getting on the titanic
and look what
happened there. Quote on humor ecard: I love rumors.  I always
find out amazing things
about myself I never
knew. Quote on humor ecard: Yeah, I do have bank robbers to catch,
but that might be dangerous,
so I'm going to play
it safe and write you
this ticket. Humor ecard: I'm a woman, I don't know
what I want.  
But, I can get mad if I
don't get it. Humor ecard: Procrastination is like masturbation. 
You're just screwing yourself Humor ecard: I'm not going to censor myself to
comfort your ignorance.

  John Stewart Humor ecard: Revenge?  Nah, I'm too lazy.  
I'm just going to sit here and watch
Karma fuck you up. Quote on humor ecard: I'll register my guns when illegals
register to pay taxes.

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     IT'S RAW, YOU DONKEY meme Guess who ate all the pizza? meme What made Christina say yes to The Voice <br> 16, on AXN at 8 p.m. (same time every Sunday), the shows followers will be happy to know that Christina Aguilera will be one of the four Idol for the first time in 10 years in that race. Last year, the show made industry heads turn when it emo love poem picture by zwi nky   Photobucket Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, out to rev up enthusiasm at DNC <br> As was the case with Romney's convention last week in Tampa, Fla., several TV networks said they would carry only one hour of the Democrats' proceedings on live television. Obama's high command reserved the time for the convention keynote Bed Bugs in Westchester Library   Get the Best Bed Bug Treatment Help Bulletproof Total Upgrade Kit Quote on friendship ecard: When you truly
love someone, you
give everything you
can and never
expect a return BMX & Mountain Bike Helmet Safety Standards and Certifications Quote on humor ecard: My brain is like the
Bermuda Triangle. 
Once information goes
in, it's never found
again Springfield baseball tries to build off last year <br> The Springfield baseball team attained everything Mike Schilling set Two of Matts games were an hour and five minutes last year. He doesnt care that he doesnt throw 87 88 mph. He says, If youre going to beat me, you have to pound Quote on liars ecard: 
I won't forgot to
pay all my taxes
this year so the
government can
give it to those
people who don't
work as hard as


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