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    Quote on relationships ecard: Everyone is born equal
in life, until they get
married. Quote on relationships ecard: 
When we first
kissed, that's when I
realized that, from
then on, no one
else's lips would
touch mine, but 
yours. Quote on relationships ecard: I'm sorry, did you say

I was too busy
ignoring you Relationships ecard: Why is it so hard so hard
for women to find men
who are sensitive, caring
and good looking?

Because those men 
already have boyfriends. Quote on relationships ecard: I don't have an attitude problem.

You have a problem with my attitude
and that's your problem. Relationships ecard: If a guy treats you like a princess then
he surely wants to be your prince. Quote on relationships ecard: 
Just because you're
alone doesn't
mean you have to
be lonely, And just
because lonely,
mean you're alone Quote on relationships ecard: I tried to follow my dreams.

Now I have multiple
restraining orders Quote on relationships ecard: Men are clever: the idea
of Quote on relationships ecard: The most terrifying question a woman
can ask a man is

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    Quote on reminders ecard: 
Life would be amazing if
people would just shut
up, stop telling me how to
live my life and just live
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It reminded me of you:
worthless and found in
everyone's pants


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